About Career IQ.

What is Career Coaching?

If you are unsure about where you want to go or what industry or type of job might best suit your talents and personality, then Career IQ is for you. 

No matter where you are on your journey,

we will help you refine your search and make sure

you are prepared to be hired!

 Our goal is to help you find the career that is right for YOU!  So, how do we help you find your path? We offer a 5-hour, individualized consultation package. While we customize our process for each client, the hours might be divided into:



Only 27 percent of college grads have a job related to their major.

Let's meet.

One (1) Session | 60 Minutes During an in-person or Skype meeting, we’ll determine where you are on your career path and conduct comprehensive personal assessments to better understand if you’re on track. Some of the tools we use include: TTI Success Insights DISC, Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory.

Let’s review what we learned from the assessment.

Two (2) Sessions | 60 Minutes/Each We’ll review an analysis of assessment results to understand:

  • Where you are in your career search?
  • Who are you?
  • What are you good at?
  • What do other people tell you you are good at?
  • What do you enjoy doing?

Let’s optimize your search and prepare for your interview.

Two (2) Sessions | 60 Minutes/Each Once you have identified a path, we will help you with:

  • Networking tools
  • Social media do’s and don’ts
  • Resume review
  • Application advice

"My experience working with Eric through the Talent Insights Program was immensely rewarding."

"His guidance helped me identify ways in which I could further strengthen my natural tendencies in order to differentiate myself in the professional world, in addition to suggesting ways in which I could work with my weaknesses to make them less prevalent. I felt the program was incredibly accurate in capturing my personality and tendencies and therefore found its commentary to be insightful and helpful. Eric was extremely affable and communicated all feedback in a constructive, positive manner. After his coaching, I feel much more self-aware and confident in approaching interview processes in general. I would highly recommend working with him to someone looking for ways to maximize their individual talents and stand out in the workplace.”


"I just wanted to thank you, again, for speaking to us and sharing some invaluable information about interviewing and marketing ourselves. I certainly feel more confident moving forward…the first step is getting asked to interview! I hope this offer is coming soon – I wait with bated breath."

Cheyenne K., Skidmore College '16

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Most college students fail to prepare or launch their careers after graduation? A study conducted by The Center on Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University found that colleges are poorly preparing graduates for the workforce.

Don't be that person.

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