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Eric worked with both of my daughters and they both had huge success! My first was looking to switch up her career and move to a different city. After working with Eric, she was not only offered one job, but was offered three. She accepted one and is happily employed and living in her favorite city. My second daughter graduated from college last May eagerly looking forward to the great job market that was in front of her, and COVID hit. She started working with Eric, he steered her in a different direction than she was heading and she now is gainfully employed. I highly
recommend Interview IQ for any professional, career, or job search advice.

Cara W., Parent

Interview IQ was instrumental in getting to my dream job. I worked with Eric per a friend's recommendation after getting no offers despite not-so-bad interviews. At the time I had interviews with several top class companies including Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and so on. Eric listened to my story with full ears and his assessment and troubleshooting were spot on. I wasn't the best person when it came to marketing my experience and knowledge and connecting with the interviewers. I worked on the improvement areas per Eric's recommendation and started feeling way more comfortable in the interviews. And when the right opportunity emerged, I took it. 

Mustafa F.

I started working with Eric through a class I was taking during my Master's program. When I initially spoke with him, I was confident that he would guide me through a strategic partnership. He made the career process seem so much less daunting and more exciting than anything. And for someone to be able to do that during a pandemic and a recession is extremely admirable. The way he gave frameworks to answering questions made it so easy to be able to tackle any question an interviewer threw my way. I still remember how to frame interview questions I had gone over with him months ago. Not only that, he taught me how to leverage my past experiences and strengths to set myself up to be the best candidate. When considering a job opportunity, I called him to discuss. First and foremost, he was thrilled for me to have gotten an offer, and second he was able to walk me through a decision making process that didn't leave me with blind spots. He made me excited for my career, more confident in my potential, and able to navigate any difficult situation, and it's for those reasons I am so grateful to have worked with Eric. 

Amy T., Babson College

My experience working with Interview IQ through the Talent Insights Program was immensely rewarding. Eric's guidance helped me identify ways in which I could further strengthen my natural tendencies in order to differentiate myself in the professional world, in addition to suggesting ways in which I could work with my weaknesses to make them less prevalent. I felt the program was incredibly accurate in capturing my personality and tendencies and therefore found its commentary to be insightful and helpful. Eric was extremely affable and communicated all feedback in a constructive, positive manner. After his coaching, I feel much more self-aware and confident in approaching interview processes in general. I would highly recommend working with him to someone looking for ways to maximize their individual talents and stand out in the workplace.

Hannah W., Skidmore College

Eric was excellent because he helped me in the job process by identifying my professional strengths and preferences. He recommended taking a DISC self-assessment which helps you understand your personality and behavior. Eric believes it’s necessary to reflect on your core strengths in order to thrive in the workplace. Ultimately, taking the survey and discussing my results with Eric will help me understand how to communicate and maximize productivity with others at work. Additionally, after discussing my results with Eric, I was able to understand how to apply my strengths to enhance my career. 

Halley, B Northwestern University

I knew coming out of college that I didn't want to work in the standard jobs for my major, but didn't have any idea where I would want to work. I had been searching around for jobs and even getting a couple interviews, but still no offers came through. My sister had previously used Interview IQ with Eric to find a good new position herself, so she referred me to him. I wasn't sure how the process worked, but after the first session, I already felt more prepared for my job hunt and eventual interviews. Eric helped analyze myself and my interests in ways I had not thought about before, leading me to change my search focus around. Even before our sessions were through, I had already lined up an interview that led to the job I have today. After working with Eric, I have the skills to help me in future job searches, and I've gained more confidence in interviewing. I highly recommend Eric's coaching services for anyone like me who doesn't have a good sense of their career direction, or who are searching for a job with little success.

Mary W. Saint Mary's College

I really appreciated Eric's direct approach. It's what drew me to him initially. He doesn't waste words and gets right to the heart of the matter. Developing your story and finding ways to get it across in the interview is of utmost importance. He is a skilled coach whose expertise helped me find my footing in a very competitive industry.

Terese, L

Eric was such a fabulous resource. Through Eric’s guidance and coaching, he aligned and motivated our son’s focus. He found the Interview IQ program very helpful in targeting his strengths and narrowing down where he wanted to concentrate his career track. This lead to a recent job offer. We couldn’t be happier and we know our son is!

Jim and Sarah B. Parents South Orange, New Jersey

Our family has nothing but praise for Interview IQ!
Eric helped our son, who at the time was a college senior, prepare for his first professional job interview in finance.  Eric offered professional guidance and insight in the following areas (just to name a few); What to wear during an interview to reflect your professionalism, career guidance relating to which jobs would be best relating to our sons interests, probing questions to ask during an interview and the do’s and don’ts of the interview. After Eric’s professional advice, our son felt confident and more educated about the professional interview process. Sometimes information is better coming from a professional, than from a parent, so we would not hesitate to call Eric if the need arises again. We would definitely recommend Eric and Interview IQ to our friends, especially those with children that are graduating from college and about to embark on the process of the professional work force.


Traci & Peter H., Parents

It is especially important that students from liberal arts colleges understand their skills and unique qualifications. They need to be able to articulate how their variety of experiences in and out of the classroom translate into skills that employers are seeking. Eric Cole was instrumental in helping a group of Skidmore College students do just that. In his Interview IQ workshop, students learned how to interpret the results of their Self-Assessment and how to highlight these skills in an interview. Eric’s fun, interactive, and engaging style resulted in student evaluations where the only downside was that the workshop wasn’t longer! 

Kim Crabbe Executive DirectorCareer Development Center at Skidmore College

Eric was excellent because he helped me in the job process by identifying my professional strengths and preferences. Additionally, after reviewing my results with Eric I was able to understand how to apply my strengths to enhance my career. Interview IQ has really helped me better understand myself, and has helped me determine the career path that is the best fit for me. It was a pleasure to work with Eric and I highly recommend his services.
P.S. I got the job!

Daniel P., Skidmore College 

Eric Cole has been a frequent speaker in my Human Resources Management course. He is a dynamic presenter and provides practical suggestions for students to use as they prepare for the employment process, especially around the topic of interviewing. He is also a skilled coach who brings his successful work experience to the college setting. Feedback from students attending his sessions and who have worked with him individually has always been excellent.  I plan to continue having Eric as a speaker in my classes given the positive impact he has working with students.

 Joseph Weintraub, Professor of Management, Babson College

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